Natural Wines at BEER ZOO

We've added a new range of so-called Natural wines to the shop. Natural wines – for the uninitiated – is the term given to wines made without chemical and minimum technological intervention in growing grapes and making them into wine.

Generally speaking it's wine from a vineyard that's been organically or bio-dynamically farmed. They are typically hand-harvested and sometimes crushed by foot. They're fermented with indigenous yeasts with nothing else added like acidity regulators, powdered tannins, colour etc. 

They can contain sulfites which are essential, but only at the bare minimum levels, usually just at the bottling stage. They are unfined and usually unfiltered. These labour-intensive, hand-made wines are also generally produced on a fairly small – artisanal – scale.

Vinifying this way can produce wines with dazzlingly pure fruit flavours. Also, because of the hands-off approach and due to the presence of ambient yeast can also produce 'wild', unexpected flavours (Funk!) which can sometimes be unfamiliar and disorientating but I find just adds to the magic.

The selection I've assembled here are all, apart from maybe one or two, at the conservative end of the wild spectrum but each one is 100% fantastic. I think you're really going to love them.

Scroll down for a look at each bottle and a brief note.